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Cuirassier's Armor, early 1600s Austria, early 17th century

Gilded plate armor with armet helmet. If Elvis wore armour it would look like this!

lamellar with pretty spiffy shoulder detail

14th century armor pics | 14th century Armor (Italian)

An English Civil War-era horseman's armor 17th century

Extant 15th Century German Gothic Armour which armors the armpits with articulated plates instead of chainmaille or a rondel.

Ferdinand II armor, 16th century.


Hauptmann (retired) beautiful structured armour

medieval re-enactor in armor

Armor of a winged hussar

German Gothic armor.

The Savoyard helms - a type of closed burgonet in use in the XVIIth century, it was also called the death’s head helmet in German and the Tête de cul in French

Historically accurate Viking armor.

17th century Turkish armour This is a good idea for SCA Armor

Ottoman Infantry c.1600s AD

Half-Suit of Armor for the Field, c. 1575 North Italy, 16th century Cleveland museum of arts Https:// darksword-armory.com

A complete Khevsur armor including a handwoven gambeson, a riveted mail misiurka-type helmet, a butted mail shirt, a pair of hand forged steel arm guards. A fine cross-belt mounted with hammered silver plaques, a large kindjal dagger, a distinctive khmali sword, a miquelet pistol, a leather bandoleer with powder tubes with a horn priming flask, a nagaika crop, a typical Khevsur shield, a pair of original rawhide shoes. late 17th-late 19th century.

Early 1300s armor

The Spanish had technological advances such as armor and better weapons such as crossbows, swords, and cannons.