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The only cottonwood tree for miles around is nurtured and protected from a harsh environment by the cool, moist soil found in this unique, teardrop shaped sandstone alcove on the Utah/Arizona borderlands. By John Mumaw

A journey unknown (Yangzhou, Guangxi, China) by A. adnan, via Flickr

Mt Hua in Shaanxi, western of the Five Sacred Mountains. China. www.lonelyplanet....

Kashgar. ...... It is an oasis town it never rains. they live outside. I played pool on good tables outside. they said if there is ever a thunderstorm they cover them up for the few minutes that it rains. Sometimes only after a number of years.

This is what the Chinese Government don't want you to see while you are touring their country.

Young boy in tulou house, Hakka country. The Hakka country is 3 hours drive from Xiamen.

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers. Historically, cormorant fishing has taken place in Japan and China from around 960 AD. (Source-Ugur Kocolu, Li River, China)

guangxi, china (the stairs almost ruin this beautiful landscape, but what a view it would be from the top!)