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Watch: A Rad Gadget That Lets You Paint With Light

Pixelstick is a radiant apparatus that lets you paint with light. Designed for the age of Instagram, it’s a 6-foot-long aluminum rod, housing a strip of 198 LEDs. When loaded with graphics files and waved in front of a camera that has long-exposure capabilities, it creates illuminated images—rainbow swirls, ethereal graffiti, 8-bit animated GIFs, and even masterworks like Botticelli’s Venus—that seem to hang in the air like ghosts!

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You can make man made rainbows with this giant LED glow stick

"light painting" with Pixelstick:

Behold the Pixelstick, a cool new device for creating long-exposure light paintings. It takes any digital image and displays it on an array of LEDs that you can then photography with your camera. Watch it in motion the link: