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As you know hearing aids are pretty expensive, so you need the best product around to protect them not only from the elements of nature but against losing them as well. Ear Gear is an amazing, simple and cost effective solution which we would highly recommend to everyone.

Definitely love your guys product. Wish I had gotten Ear Gear a long time ago. Not only do they allow me peace of mind while sweating or doing something dirty like landscaping or construction, but they block wind noise as well. Was really surprised that even with the strongest hearing aid they make that I'm having no feedback as well. Great product! - See more at:

Love it! I cant believe how well Ear Gear works. Ear Gear is very comfortable, discrete and keeps my hearing aid extremely clean and dry. This simple product Stops all annoying whistling when it is damp outside. It makes my life easier. I would highly recommend anybody with a hearing aid to use this product. - See more at:

My name is Neil Martin and I've just received Ear Gear. I've got to say Ear Gear has made my experience with my hearing aids a lot better as it's made them unique and more comfortable which I thank you for. Neil Martin, England, UK - See more at:

Even with new water resistant hearing aids I found sweat to be a big problem in shorting out my hearing. With these handy sleeves I can garden and work around the house and still hear the phone ring or my wife call me. Perspiration is no longer a problem. I chose the black color Ear Gear as it matches my hearing aid color. I am very pleased with this product. Patrick Pinter, WI, USA

This is my Wyatt, he has a baha on a softband on one side and a behind the ear on the other. After losing the baha to the dog, we knew we had to invest into something to keep the baha attached. After much research, we were lead to Ear Gear. The device has stayed in place no matter what the activity. Wyatt is a very active 4 year old and we trust the security of Ear Gear to keep his hearing aids on him. Thanks - See more at:

I sweat a lot and I am exposed to traffic dust all the time. My previous hearing aid without Ear Gear always faced corrosion issues and when the microphone gets wet it blocked with dust frequently. It had costed me few thousand for repair. In order to overcome the repair concern, my audiologist Mr Charles from 20db hearing had suggested me to use a hearing aid with water resistant and dust proof with Ear Gear to prevent moisture issue.

I'm a member of Houston Choral Showcase, a show choir that performs in many venues around Houston, Texas. We sing, entertain and do choreography and I would not perform without my Ear Gear protection. This is a terrific product and lives up to it's promise to protect my hearing aids. I sweat profusely and Ear Gear is miraculous in protecting my hearing aids.

Plastic Allergy? Hearing aids causing Rash? Try Ear Gear like Frank. I'm retired and wear my Ear Gear no matter what I'm doing. I wear them at cardiac rehab, riding my bike, playing with my grandchildren or while on my computer and I can assure that they are one of the best items I have purchased for many reasons.