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Quick! Happy birthday!

Get Through Happy Birthday

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Aging Humor: You know you're getting old when you have a hole between your boobs… and it's called a belly button.

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At least I'm not mean

Maxine on mini candy bars

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You are right


Maxine loves Margaritas even on a cold snowy day! Rent your margarita machine today!

Happiness is going through old photos.

one of my special interests.going through old photos! Happiness is going through old photos.

My turn!

Okay, it's my turn to make the hot lifeguard drag me out the water and give me mouth-to-mouth!

I have awesome friends...shared for all of you!!!

I have awesome friends.

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Lol... ur all pregnant. Shes not.... still txting you about all her fantastic goals or how she gained 3 lbs.  yea, love that. But all the love in the world to her, really <3 shes my girl n id be lost without her

Funny Friendship Ecard: When your skinny friend says she feels fat and you're just standing there. all fat. I'm not fat but when my skinny friends say this.

Friends are Angels that lift us up to our feet...Little Church Mouse 18 March 2015.

♡♡♡ Friends are angels that lift us up to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering How To Fly.Little Church Mouse 25 July 2015 ♡♡♡

Absolutely positively!!!!                                                                                                                                                     More

Tigger and Eeyore

Always the happy one...and when you get hurt and mad one time it's too much. So they dip.

I am lucky to have wonderful friends!