It's too early...

save-energy-light-switch. I honestly think of this every time I'm feeling too lazy to go switch off the light. I then find compassion for the light switch man and go turn him off!!

SnorgTees makes funny, witty pop-culture inspired t-shirts and hoodies for men, women and kids. Our tees are made with super soft, comfy materials that'll have you reaching for your favorite SnorgTee week after week. Whether you're looking to upgrade your t-shirt collection or need a clever gift for someone special, SnorgTees is a must.

I would buy this just to have it on my bookshelves...

Life is better with wine and a campfire!

I STRONGLY disagree with about half of these and WILL NOT be teaching my kids them!!! the other half are excellent.

I want a Sheldon. Like a lot.

Hahaha!! Need this! Idk why it's so funny to me but it is!

#funny// watch out little brother. You may get this one day. XD

Install on door to laundry room to give cat access to litterbox while keeping the smell from going throughout the whole house.

hunger games humor I couldn't breathe for a minute, it just struck me as hilarious.


Italian greyhound. Look at this face ! Intelligent and expressive! Can't resist the bambi eyes <3


Childrens Onsies iPeed or iPood by Richcrafter on Etsy, $8.50

"Welcome To The Jungle" Doormat - Waiting On Martha

For Drake... maybe i wont feel so bad if the cone is in the shape of a heart...

wine flu

Except at my house, the wife with P.M.S. has a gun too. *wink*