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    Cool celebrity photos you probably haven't seen before! - WTF?

    No DNA test needed! I have about 50 of these pictures with Avery and Jim always in the same pose as each other!

    Justin Timberlake doing things. Hahaha I love this so much and I don't even know why I find it so funny!

    Barbie and Ken in real life... Who ever came up with this photoshoot was genius

    I wish I had money so I could do this

    Celebrities then and now.

    Kardashians, baaack in the day

    Are you famous? This is absolutely adorable!

    I'd like this on a lapel pin, please.

    Very Ironic Photos. Funny but I didn't get the batman fathers day one though....? Fill me in if you get it please-megs

    How certain substances affect the aging process. Ummm...I think I need to start drinking some Earl Grey Tea!! And seriously Will Smith, WTF?! Was watching MIB III the other day and thinking that he hasn't aged a bit!

    Celebrity twins

    Gale force wind portraits

    Cool facts you probably don’t know


    Celebrity yearbook photos.

    Dane cook !!

    Love it

    Funny Tee

    this is too funny.