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"Borda(da) transborda sonho na borda da alma mulher borda  flores pano agulha linha destreza na palma na borda da janela borboleta observa" (Úrsula Avner)

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Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases.and it pleases wherever it goes.

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THE BLUE BUTTERFLY. When a little blue butterfly soars in the sky, It’s blue against blue that we see. Although it may vanish, Our hearts know it’s there…. That little blue butterfly, Peaceful and free!

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A butterfly is a mainly day-flying insect of the order Lepidoptera, which includes the butterflies and moths. Like other holometabolous insects, the butterfly's life cycle consists of four parts: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Most species are diurnal.

Beautiful Butterfly

"Sammamish Washington Tropical Butterflies photograph Hamadryas arinome the Starry Night Butterfly on beautiful fresia flower" Picture by Danita Delimont buy now as poster, art print and greeting card.

Just as beautiful as the meaning of butterfly. The butterfly- The butterfly represents the resurrection into a glorious new life free of material restrictions. R.I.P Aunt Patty <3

Purple Butterflies Photos - My favorite color and my favorite animal (insect). I love butterflies.

White Butterfly On Flowering Celosia By Garry Gay

White Butterfly On Flowering Celosia Greeting Card for Sale by Garry Gay