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    So true.

    Why are scary movies always in scary places like jails and hospitals? I want to see a scary movie in Walmart. 'clean up aisle 13' 'but sir, there is no aisle 13' *dramatic music*

    True Story

    fight the attacker naked...

    Windows get scary at night

    Yep, pretty much! Joe Johnson, This is why i should have never watched this movie.

    ha true

    Rarely a good thing...

    I hate it when this happens because it happens so much! grrr!

    Hate that...

    .so true-

    every time.

    Every time!

    "Cat people will laugh at this- the rest of you will just shake your head. LOL." yep so true

    way too many times

    but seriously.. physics

    so true. :)

    Every single time...*sigh*