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Things that will make me happy or take me to Happy place when I see them, like my tail...just saying:)

Giraffe, First Kiss


That Is Adorable

Sea Otters are good mother's. They roll their baby in a sea kelp vine, so they won't float away, while moms dive for Abaloney-their shellfish food. They bring up 2 stones, from the bottom. Lay 1 on their chest and pound the Abaloney shell with the other.

↞∙∙∙∙anastasiaterkh ∙∙∙∙↠

I like this picture. And I like that it's a little bear family. How cute is this?

baby animals helping baby animals?...whoever says animals don't have a Wrong! This is caring not instinct!!!

I have worked with animals all my life. When I face an abused horse I do not see an animal. I see an individual, not below me but equal in emotion and value. If you see animals like this they give you untold riches of kindness, laughter and healing. I am better for all the animals that have come into my life.