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  • Adam Graves

    Just amazing. I would love to have this with an overlay of other natural disasters, each one a different color scheme.

  • John L

    Tornado map, tornado track map, where tornadoes hit, united states tornadoes, tornado season 2012, severe weather maps, tornado alley, weather

  • Laura Arnold

    tornado map Infographic: 56 Years Of America's Most Terrifying Tornadoes | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

  • Susanne Janecke

    TornadoTracks for 56 years in one map

  • Rebecca Segar

    Need to pass this along to earth science teacher! 56 years of tornados (categorized by f-scale)

  • IDV Solutions

    IDV Solutions' tornado tracks visualizes every known tornado in the united states in 56 years - from 1950-2011. #data #visualization You can also see the #map here:

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Oil--Trish Madison--I believe it was taken in Kuwait. When SadamHussain realized he couldn't have Kuwait he set fires to over 600 Kuwaiti oil wells. It took over 7 months to put out the fires and was one of the largest environmental tragedies according to TIME

I love this picture so much.. it shows the amazing structure of a supercell. This must have been an incredible moment for those storm chasers!

Some days i feel that this is symbolic of my life. Good thing i just chuck a whiskey bottle straight into it and walk away.

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Tornado When the tornado approached my Grandpa Peter's home, he told us he decided to go with our bed-ridden Grandma should they take a hit. They survived unscathed, but his decision was a testament to his deep love for his life sweetheart. Those were the days when people solved problems together and lasted in their marriages despite hardship. K.W. .

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Weather, storm, tornado, weather photography, tornado photography, storm photography, sky photography, severe weather.

Tornado. Sometimes mirrors life. Something so beautiful...yet so deadly, so majestic...yet utterly destructive.