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    The Gaiola’s bridge , Naples, Italy by AgoInUnPagliaio

  • Beth Wieder

    (via The Gaiola’s bridge, Gaiola, Italy, bridge italy seascape landscape architecture uploaded by jchip8)

  • Rebecca Cook

    The Gaiola’s bridge, Gaiola, Italy. The Island of Gaiola (Isola della Gaiola) looks beautiful and serene. However it has a gloomy history and the locals feel that the island is jinxed as many past owners of the sole villa on the island had faced misfortunes and/or met with unnatural death. The villa now lies abandoned.

  • Takdir Gazi

    World Travel Places: Beautiful Place in Italy...

  • Dale Sheffield

    The Island of Gaiola (Naples, Italy) is actually two very small islets connected by a small rocky arch bridge.

  • Miss Touna

    The bridge in the town of Gaiole, Italy

  • Diane Cassel

    I want to walk the plank in Italy!

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