In 1912, Scotland Yard detectives bought their first camera, to covertly photograph suffragettes. The pictures were compiled into ID sheets for officers on the ground.

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. (1950s) - these should definitely still be allowed....just saying

Born on August 13, 1860, Annie Oakley gained fame for her unparalleled shooting skills, later becoming the star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show for 17 years. By age 15, Oakley paid off the mortgage for her mother's home by shooting small game for a local grocery store. Watch this clip to learn more about the globally renowned folk hero: https://curiosity.com/video/biography-annie-oakley-tomboy-bio/?ref=sp&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=081314pin

17 Vintage Ads That Would Really Piss People Off Today. #12 Is Terrifying - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

Retro McDonalds photo. When I was a child the city got its first McDonald's. Family regularly went to get 15 cent hamburgers, 19 cent cheeseburgers. 10 cent pop.




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Juana Maria, better known to history as the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island (her Indian name is unknown), was a Native American woman who was the last surviving member of her tribe, the Nicoleño. She lived alone on San Nicolas Island from 1835 until her discovery in 1853. Scott O'Dell's award-winning novel Island of the Blue Dolphins was inspired by her story.

It doesn’t happen very often, but people do grow horns. They’re called cutaneous horns and they are the result of a wide range of epidermal lesions. According to the World Journal of Surgical Oncology, cutaneous horns appear in men over 55 and women over 65. Rare as these cases may be, cutaneous horns have been around for quite some time, with the first documented case appearing in the 1500s. Looks like a brain terd.

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There is a tribe of people living in Zimbabwe known as the Vadoma, that have become known as the “Ostritch People” for the prevalence of electrodactyly in their population. Many of the tribe members are born with fused toes that appear ostritch like. * The attached site is full of crazy, but sad, oddities.

1974 - speed limit lowered to 55 mph- I remember this

April 30, 1945 – Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide (Front page of the U.S. Armed Forces newspaper, Stars and Stripes, 2 May 1945)

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