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Beautiful print designs for your inspiration

I am soooo doing this whenever I decide to finally print up my cards ... #LifeOfADesigner #NeverSatisfied ... Beautiful print designs for your inspiration | From up North

Пригласительный Bottega Veneta

After much exploration, I have landed on these two logo versions for a personal project. The top option has MORE cut out ( in the "O" and "D" letter ), while the second option keeps it simple with ...

Katrin Wiehle designed this pretty, simple and elegant pattern and Monika did matching typography.

This business card really evokes quality, the minimal design works very well in achieving a high quality look which would be very re-assuring to a potential client. I also think that the use of colour works very well in making the key information really stand out from the rest of the card.

TheMotivatedType on Etsy

This is the simplest kind of buisness card i've seen and i really like it so minimal and the important information like the name is the thing that everyone sees: