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A Sharper Mind, Middle Age and Beyond

A Sharper Mind, Middle Age and Beyond - The New York Times

20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks

Great activities to do if you find your students being sluggish, or even anxious. It gets them moving and thinking, waking them up in a fun way!. 5391

How to Establish a Positive Classroom Environment in Middle School

Fostering a favorable classroom environment and a positive relationship with my students is the most important task I assign myself every year. The recipe for a classroom culture that promotes learning requires only a dash of time and energy. It does requ

prepare yourselves...the shift is about to hit the fan.

Good vibrations

What frequency are YOU vibrating at? Vibrational frequency can be changed with meditation, breathing exercises and positive intention.

How small is an atom, really? (or how to make your head explode) - Via (Sploid)

Growth mindset prompts for students