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Flip Cup Is 100% Better Than Beer Pong in Almost Every Way

Flip Cup Is Hands Down Better Than Beer Pong

Flip cup may just be the greatest drinking game of all time. Way better than beer pong.


14 Insanely Fun Drinking Games You've Never Heard Of

True American (Drinking Game) Rules. Everyone should have this. the greatest thing ive ever seen.

True American (Drinking Game) Rules -- like they play on New Girl! Sounds like a hilarious good time! yay we found it! I've wanted to play this ever since I saw it on new girl!

Time to play Flip Cup (For us non-drinkers you can use condiments, different types of salsas, or mystery liquids (you take any type of food fish, apples, crackers, etc and you put it in the blender so they have no clue what they have to drink)

Time to play Flip Cup (For us non-drinkers you can use condiments, different…

1. Spin the Bottle of Booze

15 Easy Drinking Games For Those Nights You Need Simplicity

Adult Spin the Bottle using shots! Directions: Fill plastic cups with a variety of alcoholic beverages. Write on bottom of cup what the beverage was. Now open a beer, pass it around and let everyone have a pull til it's empty. Then start your game!

The Best Drinking Game Ever - how to play Death Roll! Seriously, so so much fun and easy to learn. It gets competitive fast!

The Best Drinking Game Ever