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40 in Fall 2012 from SeaBear

The line I had to read for my 5th grade DARE graduation haha. This poem has been drilled into my head over and over again since, and I think I've taken it to heart.

my feelings on seasons, exactly. although, there would be something in there about at-dusk seal-swimming. reaux knows what I mean.

being christian

Maybe some of disbeliever will laugh at this statement. But this is true, Jesus really hold me when Im falling down. He hold me tight, even I could feel His warmth.

Best Motivational Quotes, 30 Quotes Collection

Marriage: I'm always working on this list! Yes, I sometimes fall short but thank you LORD for the power of the Holy Spirit ♡ my husband remains me to reach down deep inside my spirit ♡ to knock me back to my senses:) I tell him the same thing ♡