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  • Debbie Moore

    Plotting Revenge Quotes | Quotes About Revenge | My Quotes Home - Quotes About Inspiration

  • Victoria L Jones

    That is how they become so entangled in their own lies they do not even know what truth is..and they think they are getting away with it and never stop doing it.

  • vintageJesus

    funny quotes about liars and pictures - Google Search

  • Sonora Silva

    More Cheating Quotes

  • Jessica Marie

    The best revenge on a liar is to convince him that you believe what he said. ~ugh! every day of my life living with a lying step mother. It gets old and walking away was the best happiness I could ever give myself. :)

  • Caryn Hudson

    True story

  • Krista Conners
    Krista Conners • 46 weeks ago

    Deedra Bryant I freaking love this.

  • Shannon Bronson
    Shannon Bronson • 44 weeks ago

    I agree with meaghan, and umm, Kaitlin, shut has no e on the end and the form you were looking for is "their" not "there"

  • Kaitlyn Jane Jones
    Kaitlyn Jane Jones • 44 weeks ago

    Okay thanks Shannon but it's Kaitlyn not Kaitlin...But whatever i spell my name diffrent then how you spell my name....I can't shut some liars out of my life because my sister is a liar and my brother and me and my friend and everyone in the world!

  • Shannon Bronson
    Shannon Bronson • 44 weeks ago

    No, wrong. Not everyone in the world is a liar. Everyone lies, but not everyone is a liar. Big lies that are constantly told makes someone a liar, and I choose to shut those people out of my life

  • Ary
    Ary • 44 weeks ago

    Liars are cowards. Their fearful, and in a low place. It's grace that makes you rise above and not believe or continue their painful path. You're above their pitiful BS.

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The hardest thing for me to understand is why someone would ever say something they don't mean. Being an honest person means you are honest 100% of the time.

They are the biggest and best. .. Although very very painful at the time

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liar--you must take notice MJC--lies are lies--and you just tell so many to everybody but mostly to yourself--still playing make believe aren't you.

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Are you a liar? Do you know a liar? You NEED to read this.

This!! So friggin true, and it's pathetic when you consistently do it. Truth will out itself. It always does.

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There are times that this is true. Those are the times people lie to themselves and refuse to remember the truth.