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I think my happiness is its own revenge. And honestly, when it comes to certain people, I just don't give a damn. Let them wallow in their jealousy and insecurities. Not my problem - RM

Best to remember this....."Sometimes the best revenge is to smile and move on.

LIVING WELL IS THE BEST REVENGE! I'm so happy to see our love and happiness bothers you so much. I hope it continues to eat away at you like a cancer and you stay the miserable hermit you are. I don't wait to laugh (as you pathetically say) I'm laughing at you now!


Narcissism is far more complex than simple Self-centeredness

I'm always asking myself!


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your family can be the greatest liars and manipulators. don't let them destroy your dreams!! move on..move upward. there is a reason you are different. believe in yourself :)

If someone is willing to deceive you in a little thing, chances are that sooner or later he'll deceive you in a big thing. Never believe a wolf in sheep's clothing, he can't help being a liar, but you have a choice to let him go before it's too late... Angela

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He was not loyal and most of all a biggest liar I know

Which is why I responded with "I don't need luck" to your "Good Luck" when I walked out of our home and out on you. If you really had cared for me, you would have never cheated. #cheaters #heartbroken

It's better to be single with high standards than in a relationship settling for less.