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I think my happiness is its own revenge. And honestly, when it comes to certain people, I just don't give a damn. Let them wallow in their jealousy and insecurities. Not my problem - RM

True and very true. (Living well is the best. Revenge should never occupy your mind. At all!)

your family can be the greatest liars and manipulators. don't let them destroy your dreams!! move on..move upward. there is a reason you are different. believe in yourself :)


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A few more cheating quotes you might find interesting.

Liars disgust me. Yes we all tell the odd white lie every now then but people who create their own truths by lying not only others but to themselves....I have zero respect for. Be honest, the situation may be good or bad , just own it!

People who lie. Whoa man is this true to form? Tell the truth of a liar and you're bound to "step on their toes"

It pretty much always does. The only thing I have learned in my life is people don't change. B will always be a scumbag liar and a douchebag cheater.

It's better to be single with high standards than in a relationship settling for less.

one small reason i have been consistently happy for years. though if i had created this i would have said 'assholes and liars'.