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Nogales, Mexico When people say the Mexican border. This is what people who have really experienced the border think of. A wooden fence.

St. Mary of the Mongols in Fener

Mary of the Mongols: The Last Byzantine Church

http://kioskderdemokratie.blogspot.de/2017/03/the-line-on-map-ignacio-evangelista.html THE KIOSK OF DEMOCRACY PRESENTS "THE LINE ON THE MAP" PHOTOS ABOUT THE MEXICAN - USA BORDER BY IGNACIO EVANGELISTA - SPAIN https://www.facebook.com/kioskofdemocracy/

In These Stark Photos of the U.-Mexico Border Fence, There's Not a Person in Sight

„Ellwangen Stadtansicht“ von Moggosaurier Original uploader was Moggosaurier at de.wikipedia - Transferred from de.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Kurpfalzbilder.de using CommonsHelper.(Original text : selbst fotographiert). Lizenziert unter Public domain über Wikimedia Commons.

Germany: Invaders riot in church, steal from stores, defecate on gardens. Residents who criticize behavior of asylum seekers labeled "Nazis".Ellwangen, which has a population of around was recently inundated with asylum seekers.

Jaffa port 1914.

History of Palestine on

Jaffa port 1914.

Battle of Tauberbischofsheim Monument

Battle of Tauberbischofsheim Monument

NYC. Ellis Island, wasn't open to the public till 1990's,  worth the time, very humbling

If you have to choose between suffocating in Ms. Liberty or seeing Ellis Island Immigration Museum, don't be a dead tourist.