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MODA HISTÓRIA: A Era Vitoriana (1837 - 1860)

Dress 1860, French

Classic/Gothic Lolita

Picnic Vitoriano de São Paulo: CHÁ DA REPÚBLICA VELHA: A MODA de 1889 a 1930

Court Dress. 1860's. Dress worn to court was the most elaborate and expensive ensemble in a lady’s wardrobe. In addition to a skirt worn over a very large crinoline, a train extending for several metres was an essential feature of court dress. Young debutantes would spend hours practising how to curtsey and walk backward in such an elaborate ensemble before their first presentation at court. Victoria and Albert Museum.

Catherine Denueve. Outra referência chique da moda francesa dos anos 60, Catherine foi a musa de Yves Saint Laurent.

2014 Halloween costume (Marie Antoinette) yeah maybe. It is time to start thinking....


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12 Hermosos Vestidos Tradicionales De Diferentes Partes Del Mundo. Cualquier Mujer Se Ve Hermosa Con Ellos. ⋮ Es la moda

Dress, 1860’s France (worn in New Orleans)

Mina's Blue/Green Gown from Dracula. I love the costumes in this film, but the movie is supposed to take place in 1897, and the bustle-era costumes on Mina are from about 10-15 years EARLIER, while her best friend Lucy has styles more typical of the 1890s, with a weird modern edge.

Lolita. This might actually be more Roccoco than Victorian Era

(French catalog illustration, women's skirts, 1886) Não era incomum para uma mulher usar seis saias de uma vez que, no total, pesavam cerca de 6,5 kg. No meio da década de 1850, porém, os aros de crinolina em forma de gaiola substituíram as pesadas saias, e no meio da era vitoriana, por volta de 1870, as azáfamas as substituíram. As mulheres vitorianas também usavam toucas liberalmente aparadas até meados de 1890.

La Belle Epoque. The Belle Époque or La Belle Époque (French pronunciation: [bɛlepɔk]; French for "Beautiful Era") was a period in French history that is conventionally dated as starting in 1890 and ending when World War I began in 1914.

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Confecção Própria de Roupas Medievais,Cigana, Época,Religiosas, Fantasias,cosplay, Esotéricas

Daddy's Little Girl No More: Moda Vitoriana

Gothic Renaissance or Medieval Gown

Dress (Ball Gown) Date: ca. 1860 Culture: American (probably) Medium: silk, cotton