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[c=#af0f34][size=16px][align=center][c=#373d59]Je suis tombée amoureuse comme on s'endort : d'abord doucement et puis tout d'un coup. [/i][/c]

mine taylor swift ≈≈ i remember how it felt the first time you put your arm around me by the waterrrr ≈≈≈ boop bop i do generally remember the first time someone touches me i. puts arm around me rests head around me holds my hand hugs

15 Fotos con tu novio que deben ir directo a tu Instagram

15 Fotos con tu novio que deben ir directo a tu Instagram

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she is so cute everyone was talking but i managed to give her a kiss on the forehead without them seeing i put my head back on the window and felt _____ hold my hand i accepted her request and i fell asleep holding her hand

Will you be mine? (Damon Fizzy x Reader) - Ch7

Clark comes up beside me and I slip my hand into his. He looks down at me and smiles, dimples and all. I smile back and give him a kiss on the cheek." I laugh lightly when she hides her face in her hands.

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The world outside was hellfire. here they found a cocoon. a haven of rest. of ecstasy. a world no other could enter. Protected and cherished by my King . and snuggles, I love snuggles

So sweet

Finished a bit earlier. Do you want to cuddle, read or watch TV with me until you go to sleep?