My Eiffel Tower tattoo! Behind the left ear. (:

tattoo of childs name in child's handwriting...swooon!

Maybe my first tattoo.

My little girls name TATTOO on my left side, ribs

Love Heart Tattoo I like how they use the upper case L to shape the heart.

I would do 1.London Eye 2.Eiffle Tower 3.Sagrada Familia 4.Arc de Triomphe AHHHH SO EXCITED!!!!! -MV

Infinity "Love" tattoo

sister tattoo - like the idea of this!

great tattoo!

Vegetable (carrot) Tattoo, Vegan Appropriate.

in tattoos

Family Tattoo

This is kinda what I want! Just bigger and more to the left ♥

This is about the only tattoo I would get. For someone else it be for my parents. I don't know where I would put it.

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Up tattoo


Disney tattoos

. #Tattoos