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Little sis- I want it be like you! Big sis- you'll be there some day, you take after me Little sis- I do? Big sis- I teach you everything I know, everything I learn. I tell you all of my secrets. Sometimes we communicate my looking at eachother. We both swore we wouldn't become 'teenagers' ever. yea, I am teaching you to be me. If I fail, I am trusting you to continue what I did.

Sisters Quote - Instead of using "Quote" wood boards to put in your home put the saying on a picture you love and print it... I made this a canvas print to hang in my girls room!

Friendship quote with image @adrienne Hall @Denise H. H. H. H. grant Guy @Marissa Hereso Hereso Hereso Hereso Litowkin Johnson

I know that you already know this, but thought it couldn't hurt to remind you. Also, I know that you are NOT ok. Therefore, I will do whatever I can and is necessary to change that. I'm serious. You cannot live like this anymore...and you don't have to.

@Emma Zangs Gissel I love you so much! You always belive in me even when I don't belive in me❤ I am so glad i met you no one could ever be a better sister/best friend in the whole wide world!!! Love you fat head!

I did that once. The kid was sooo scared. Until he met her. One of my older sisters friend are scared of me. Even though she won't say stuff like this to scare people we all know I could scare them.