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moors | not only did the moors in their european conquests leave their ...

AFRO-EUROPE: Black History: Black European nobility tucked away

Valaida Snow (1903-1956) Black female trumpeter, leader of all girl band. While touring in Europe captured by the nazi's and detained in concentration camp for two years.

FREE BOOK! Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, 2012

Black Indians

An unidentified EUROPEAN QUEEN of the medieval period. Remember, Europe was under the rule of majority BLACK/MULATTO MONARCHS until the whites took power around 1848. Henry VIII, Phillips II and Charles V were all black men;you already know that, right? Princeton University Art Museum Opens “Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe” Exhibit on February 16th

The Black Cabinet

Santa Claus was a Black Muurish European – By Oguejiofo Annu – Rasta Livewire

Black soldier in the German Army World War 1.

+ancient black people of europe | Moorish (Black) Kings of India – Pictures and Images | Rasta ...

LADY | BLACK VICTORIANS | 1880s via Vintage Black Folk vintageblackfolk.wordpress.com Black History Album, The Way We Were

Book about black Victorians

"Nègre Joyeux Dansant le "CakeWalk" in "Black Europe", The first comprehensive documentation of the sounds and images of black people in Europe pre-1927

#Black Buddahs#Africana Presence | Blacks in India: Ancient and Modern - GriotAdvisor

Louisiana Legislature was more than 1/2 Black right after the Civil War when Black people were able to vote for the first time.

Silver box in the shape of a book, made in Northern Europe in the mid 14th century

First black nurse of the Civil War.

Black Musicians in Lisbon, Portugal, ca. 1522

Alexander Pushkin, the poet and founder of modern Russian literature, was ashamed of his black roots. A paranoid genius, he believed he was unattractive. His self-doubt and feeling of having a tainted ancestry contributed to his inability to accept that his beautiful wife, Natalya, was a faithful companion. The haunted poet expressed his conflicted emotions in an unfinished work, "The Negro of Peter the Great."

Black Buddha -- In truth we now know, based on recent scientific studies of DNA, that modern humanity originated in Africa, that African people are the world's original people, and that all modern humans can ultimately trace their ancestral roots back to Africa. .... The African presence in Asia can therefore be demonstrated through the history of the Black populations that have inhabited the Asian land mass within the span of modern humanity.