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Cat balcony or "Catio." #cats #pets (courtesy of my yoga instructor whose bf made this)

If I had a house and a cat, I would totally have something like this. Only my luck is the kitty would find a way out. =(

catio showcase is a wonderful site with lots of ideas for outdoor enclosures for your cat.

Cat outdoor enclosure. I want them to be able to go outside but still be safe.

Cat "tree" =^.^= by markameleon, via Flickr My cats spend alot of time in garage! This would be perferct for garage!

cat cage! Missy needs this! @Cecilia Börjesson Börjesson Börjesson Börjesson Bramhall here to find out more

My cats are going to be the most spoiled cats on the planet once I have space and money (so maybe never?)

Ever since I saw a "catio" on My Cat From Hell, I've wanted to do this!

Cat patio. This would be Ideal for Ferrets too. They love to go outside. Just make sure they can't dig underneath. A cement bottom would be best.

OMG...tots doing this for Maddie so the Smash can't get her!