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If I had a house and a cat, I would totally have something like this. Only my luck is the kitty would find a way out. =(

catio showcase is a wonderful site with lots of ideas for outdoor enclosures for your cat.

Ever since I saw a "catio" on My Cat From Hell, I've wanted to do this!

  • Julie Jensen

    I dont know why but pinterest is posting comments that I did not write!

  • Loretta Carroll

    I would love something like this for my cats.

  • Mr. Kerouac

    Nice Catio. Waiting for a mortgage to build a proper one.

  • Bea Herrmann

    I love it, but how about FLEAS?

  • Bea Herrmann

    How about the size of the holes....birds of prey can easily catch and injure your pet through holes this size. Use hardware is small squares...holes that are not even as big as chicken wire holes.

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catio | Cat Catios Gain Populatiry — Obey the Kitty! Chairman Meow Speaks

Outdoor cat patio! If we had this, Casey's litter box would be out there pronto!

  • Lynn Murphy

    I need one! I hate leaving Kitty inside when I do yard work...he watches me out the windows with that.... "WHY are you out THERE when I'm in Here" look.

Your cats and dogs not to friendly to each other? Need to give your cat some fresh air? Want a cool house for your cat? Don't want it to runaway? PROBLEM SOLVED ♥ ♥

Doggie Door OR cat walk WITH enclosure around ramp, maybe leading way to catio. Also idea for cat stairs. #catio #cats

Lovely Again...By Kris: DIY Cat Shelves...

Cat patio. This would be Ideal for Ferrets too. They love to go outside. Just make sure they can't dig underneath. A cement bottom would be best.

Freedom Window Door to our amazing outside SunCATcher Cat Condos and build a safe outdoor playground your felines will love==///==I understand that many people want to protect cats from outdoors dangers of cars, dogs, other cats, pesticides. I also understand that in urban areas it may be essential to do so. However, "Freedom Window Door?" A little bit of Orwellian Newspeak going on here.