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Biking is only 50 percent good.

Unless you live on a mountain with a ski lift that operates year-round, the uphill part will make up way more than 70% of your time on that bike....

The hardest part of my job is being nice to stupid people.

from The Huffington Post

15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

Johnny Depp Quote. Oh my God, yes. Just... Yes. I need a board just for Johnny. He's just that DEPP. Get it? Like "deep!"<<< LOL XD

It's ok for religious folks to wave their beliefs around like a flag but when I say I'm atheist people go crazy and think I worship the devil. If I don't believe in god wth makes you think I believe in the devil?!

This cracked me up! I've definitely forgotten to pay my Gravity bill and all hell breaks loose; then I've experienced days when some body turned the Gravity WAY is not pretty.

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Actually feels good to see what people think of u and no response needed just keep it moving I am growing and it feels good everything doesn't need a response it's actually good knowing I have so much space rented out

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Morning coffee (39 photos)