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    Weight Loss Programs With Slow Carbs, Fast Carbs & Protein

    by Janet Renee
    Move over, low-carbohydrate diets -- it's time to start thinking slow, suggests the author of "The 4-Hour Body," Tim Ferriss. He first described the slow-carb diet in one of his blog posts in 2007 and later went into detail in his book. Instead of limiting the total amount of carbs you eat, as you w...
    • Bre Noréns

      Rice and Beans, a complete protein! I have been eating a combination of Garbonzo beans with whole grain Trader Joes' Jamine Rice. I add a dash of cumin, a dash of curry and a dallop of olive oil. Delicious! I have eaten this three days in a row and still want more! Healthy, inexpensive and delicious!

    • Florence Low

      Is Eating Black Beans Good for You? | Healthy Eating | SF Gate

    • Marcie Arnhart

      Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs Protein Diets

    • Elaine Lanham

      How to Cook Black Beans From Scratch for home made chili recipe

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    bury a banana peel 1" down at the base of a rosebush. The potassium will feed the plant and help it fight of diseases. ***Used banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and crushed Tums with calcium when planting tomatoes 5-9-12.

    wish I knew this years ago- Right after using the grill, unplug it and place a wet double-sheet of paper towel between the lid and the surface. The leftover heat causes the towel to steam and clean the grill. Wiping it dry with another paper towel is all that’s needed. I'm going to try with waffle iron.

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    Daily in the morning one half hour before breakfast and on an empty stomach, and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water. When taken regularly, it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. Also, drinking this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie diet. Interesting..

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    Never Buy A Rotten Avocado Again. Flick the stem off of the avocado, if it is green, the avocado is perfectly ripe. Any darkness and the meat inside is ruined.