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  • Katherine Askew

    Hahaha Makes me giggle!

  • Megan

    According TO the Bible tattooing is a sin lol.

  • Jessica Fincher

    Amen. Some people really need to see this.

  • Kayla Cawvey

    Coming from the girl with the Bible verse tattoo!

  • Gabrielle M

    Ha! I think this is the best eCard I've ever seen! Amen to that!

  • Savvy Ortiz

    Amen to that! I have a bible verse tattoo and a tattoo that says Yeshua (Jesus in hebrew) but it truly is a HUGE effort to represent what I believe. Nothing I am doing wrong or right... we ALL struggle with our flesh.... we must die and sacrifice ourselves DAILY to God in order to stay on HIS path and be the light of the world... ya know!? :)

  • Rachel Henderson

    I think I find this so funny because I actually want a Bible verse tattoo :)

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