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  • Katherine Lutfey

    Mod Podge Shoes | Make It and Love It Outdoor/water resistant mod podge and some pretty fabric on cheap ballet flats. Blogger said she got the idea from a woman who covered shoes in starburst wrappers. The sounds pretty cool too.

  • Sara Schmitz

    old shoes + fabric and mod podge = new shoes! I have an old pair of shoes I could definitely do this with!

  • Marie Prazak

    Craft Projects / Cute shoes! Might have to try this on a pair of old flats!

  • Angela Balayan

    Got any old shoes you want to refashion???? Fabric + Modge Podge= Awesome New Shoes!

  • Beadcat Tamjo

    Mod Podge Shoes!!! Super cute shoes with your favorite fabric. #diy #crafts #tutorial #how-to #shoes

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How to cover old flats with cute fabric. Suggestion. Use Outdoor Modge Podge for the outside. Use Tacky glue to hold down the fabric on the inside of the shoes. If anyone does do this craft please leave me a comment and let me know how it came out and more importantly, how the shoes held up. Thanks!

modge podge DIY shoe... SO cute! Amanda is making me shoes! Taking a simple black flat and modge podge-ing them with a phone book then making a big rose bow for the toes of them! so cool!!

Tutorial for covering shoes in fabric. "IF" this works, then it's a whole new world for us, ladies!

Oh my gosh! I HAVE to try this. Fabric modge podge and old shoes to make new shoes!

How to mod-podge shoes. Don't have the color you want? Make you want instead!

Recover old shoes with mod podge and pictures. I LOVE the one idea about using book pages! Except I would make photocopies of them and mod podge those on. I can't destroy a book.

Acrylic paint on old shoes gives them a new life. Love this!

How to Mod Podge fabric on your shoes. An easy way to get the pattern for the fabric just right! @ By Wilma