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The Marine Mammal Center.

My dream a Marine mammal Veterinarian.

Pacific Harbor Seal pup at Marine Mammal Rescue, where orphaned and injured marine mammals are rehabbed and released. I WANT IT!!!

How to build a backyard pond

outdoor turtle pond - Google Search

Milestone Looms for Farm-Raised Fish

Aquaponic Food Product - Raising fish and plants for food and profit

Raising Fish

The Aquaponics Cycle

AquHow an aquaponic system in it's basic essence worksaponics

Seafood and Your Health.jpg

Over-exploitation. Destructive fishing techniques. Polluting fish farms. How do you know which fish are fine for your fork? by #Seafood #Infographic

Sustainable Seafood Infographic

Target's Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Tangled up in blue: an Antarctic fur seal caught in a fishing net, South Georgia Island.

Dolphins in 'bad shape' after BP oil spill "Bottlenose dolphins with missing teeth, lung disease, and abnormal hormone levels were found swimming in the Gulf of Mexico a year after the BP oil spill, US researchers say."

Two years after the start of the BP OIL SPILL, dolphins in the northern Gulf of Mexico are DYING IN UNPRECEDENTED NUMBERS.

Threatened by overfishing. A report from October found that eastern Atlantic bluefin is traded at twice the amount catch quotas actually allow. In August, it was reported that Mitsubishi executives planned to buy up tons of bluefin and freeze it to profit from impending population collapses.

Choose to stop pollution

I hope the diver that took this picture cut this turtle free. This is what we are doing to our oceans. We should all be ashamed

The Ad Collector (a.k.a. Add Shots)

"When you try your best, But you don't succeed"... Take a dive in your dreams and try again :)

(1) Sea Research Society (shipwrecks, underwater archaeology, marine biology)

Different Career Options In Marine Biology