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Mongolian Yurt.

A Mongolian nomadic dwelling. A portable dwelling made of wood lashed together with leather thongs and covered with felt is the home of the Mongolian nomads.


SMILING WOODS YURTS This company creates customized yurt house kits. The website says they help make your building experience as enjoyable as possible and use recycled materials and environmentally friendly products and materials whenever possible.

love the Turkoman Yurt hand-made by Philip Cooper at bohorockers.com

Luxury Yurts: Hand-crafted homes by Bohorockers

Luxury Yurts: Hand-crafted homes by Bohorockers_Philip Coopers Bohorockers Turkoman Yurts bring you back to nature without

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To live within this glam tiny house, it'll cost you! The small homes that are constructed during the filming of little Luxury are constructed within six to eight weeks.

These yurts aren't just for glamping. Learn more about the way businesses and individuals are making yurts work for them.

Yurts can be used in a variety of ways like fitness studios, classrooms, offices and more. Learn more about Pacific Yurts and their unique uses!

A traditional Kazakh felt yurt

yurt - a circular domed dwelling that is portable and self-supporting; originally used by nomadic Mongol and Turkic people of central Asia but now used as inexpensive alternative or temporary housing

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Yurts of America offers the best and most economical year-round yurt on the market today. Let us show you how our yurt can work for you, your property, and/or your organization. Remember, if you’re not in a yurt, you must be square!

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When brainstorming recreational income, government groups should make sure to include yurt lodging. Here are six ways to generate revenue with yurt kits.

Use design ideas from different cultures such as Mongolia, Mexico, Brazil, and Africa to achieve a worldly look. Use souvenirs from places you've been!

Example of a yurt dwelling/home/business, often found in Rattlesnake Alley.