I L.O.V.E this! I know where I could put it in my condo, too!


invisible shelf

DIY Pipe light / lamp. Could be made into floor light

Bookshelf made out of old wood crates with casters.


Industrial pipe bookshelves!

DIY | easy rope shelf, http://www.burkatron.com/2014/10/diy-how-to-make-rope-shelving-project.html?m=1

Ladder as bookshelves

Bookshelf ~ this is the kind of bookshelf i want in my house

book shelf out of square boxes arranged in a circle. 3 different sizes

Floating bookshelves

DIY Projects with Pipe! • Great Ideas and Tutorials!

shelves I wanna make

how to build industrial shelves beneathmyheart.net #organization

DIY triangle shelves

tiered shelves that mirror your steps

More library ideas

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