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  • Paula Nichols

    Green with silver glitter nails.

  • Jenn Pfaff

    teal nails, sparkly silver

  • ICR84U

    #JointheCult #CultNails I started with a base of Two coats of Cult nails Let me Fly. Then with a bit of sponge I added some Silver accents to the tips using Zoya's Trixie.. nail art

  • Z.D. Rossy Erickson

    Cult nails: "Let Me Fly with Trixie over" My cousin owns her own nail polish line; this is one her own creation. Go to for more colors =D

  • JenniPat

    glitter tipped

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Cult Nails "I got Distracted" #nails

Another solid + glitter combination. Can be imitated by doing solid coats of polish. Follow with Insta-Dry. Use finger to dab finely graded craft glitter onto edge OR moon of nail. Drag to edge with final coat of Insta-Dry.

Painted the darker color first and then used a sponge to apply the second color. This is pretty rock star.

Same pattern but different colored nails | See more at

i really want to try this! take a shot glass or cup of warm/room temp water, add large drop of each polish you want (the polish should float to the top), swirl with a toothpick or something like it. when it looks like what you want dip each nail through the water. Tip: scotch tape around edge of nail protects finger from polish

burberry nails. Would definitely have to get this manicure in shellac!

I doubt id ever do this, but they sure are cool- Japanese Nail Art Red Gothic Baroque Art by Nevertoomuchglitter, $9.00

I love this!! This is SO Nikki McQuay!!! Love you, doll!! ;)

So cute. Do all red except one finger - do gold with red heart. I'm doing this next month. (February)