If you have stick straight hair. A tutorial on how to get your hair looking like this!

1950s inspired hair -- easy tutorial In a way, it's like cheer hair. I got this.


Curls made easy

Wavy hair is so beautiful! It isn't curly, yet isn't straight, tis' between.

No Heat Scarf Curls- NO hair pins, Hair Ties or Clips AWESOME!!!


The Small Things Blog: Hairstyle Tutorials

curly hair care

To get long, thick, super soft hair: massage organic coconut oil in your hair 2-4 times a week (leave in 10-25 mins) wash out with shampoo. Do this until hair is growing and healthy (no split-ends) and reduce to 2-4 times a month. Works amazingly!!

Use this trick to get perfect boho curls every time. After curling with a curling iron, pull the lock of hair out straight. Get more complete directions here | Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

AMAZING OVER NIGHT NO HEAT CURLS! Looks just like a wand curl! Perfect.

Color and curls, and BOW!

This girl is amazing!! So many good ideas for my hair!! and i love how its step by step so i can figure out how to do it!!

This half-up, half-down hairstyle is quick to do: just interweave your hair in three parts as if you were beginning a braid, then pin. Add waves with a curling iron for extra glamour.

How to correctly roll your hair

Color whenever you want it. Shampoo out when you don't.

Luv the highlights..

Hairstyles for little girls with video tutorials