Pinterest Tactic #15: ‘Call to action’ graphics that fit with your logo & brand (for example to sign up to your newsletter or read your FAQs page – be sure to include ‘what’s in it for clients’ to make it enticing). >> For every repin we will donate 50 cents to help people get clean water! Also use, the code PIN485 for 15% off :)

This is her Self harm jar: Each time somebody re-pins this she'll put ur name or ur @ name in the jar, each time she feels the need to cut or self harm she'll pull a name out, remember that person and not cut, PIN THIS TO UR MOST POPULAR BOARD TO KEEP THIS GIRL FROM SELF HARMING AND KEEPING HER STRONG!<-- cmon guys!!!


Please repin and help her find her mom!

Not quite sure which board to put this on, but this message is really important.

Ahhhhhhh I can't breath! help me! save meeeeeee...

Sorry for the language, but I had to pin this

Adalia Rose is a 5-year-old battling with a disease that makes the body age quicker than it normally should. Yet she is always so happy and cheerful, as if she didn't have a care in the world. Her mom shaved her head so that she and adalia could be "twins". Now I'm not being rude or anything, but if you don't want to repin this because it will make your account "ugly" you really must not have a heart....because deep down inside you know that she's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen!!!...

Why the mantis shrimp is awesome. And why I love reading Oatmeal comics! (There is some pretty amazing/interesting info on here, esp about vision in the Mantis Shrimp.) Not sure what board I think this *really* belongs on (Misc? Scholarly Stuff?) but since it's long & skinny it's going on this one...

"repin" if you feel this every night!!

Merry yellow banana hhmmm

Ally. A friend or supporter to another's life.

That's just awesome.

My board has been signed by Tom Hiddleston, your argument is invalid

Restoring faith - random acts of kindness

Grandma gets more action than me // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Faith In Humanity - I am 22 years old but I miss this man so much. I watched his show so much as a kid. The world needs more people like Fred Rogers. <3

Community Post: 15 Teenager Posts That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity #teenagerpost #teenagerposts #sorelatable

half the people pinning this, are 12 years old>> Okay, let me tell you a thing. Old Disney channel was MY CHILDHOOD. That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Kim Possible, Hannah Montana, ALL THOSE SHOWS. AND NOW THEY'VE RUINED IT WITH TALKING DOGS WITH BLOGS AND I CANNOT HELP BUT TO FEEL SORRY FOR THESE 12 YEAR OLDS NOW THAT PIN THINGS LIKE THIS. THEY CAN NEVER HAVE THE CHILDHOOD I DID AND I FIND THAT SAD.>> TRUTH!!!