that feeling you get when someone kisses your neck

Bite Marks - because sometimes its important to mark your territory... Hahaha.... Cough cough Suarez

This is so true my love! Can't stop thinking of u and wondering if u would like waking up with pancakes, a kiss and sweet love making with me in the morning! Love you hope u have a great day! 459

If you kiss my neck, I'm not responsible for what happens next...

my favorite thing in the whole world

♥Something to think about when you come across certain people

I just love kissing you <3


Best Feelings in the World

Righ righ

loove itt.

That feeling you get when...he brushes your hair out of the way, so he can kiss your neck.

dear diary, it's my favorite thing when people play with my hair but ever since i cut it, no one does it anymore. it kind of kills me inside...


don't forget to smile

Being able to sleep in with a baby.

Little reasons to smile. The way you feel when he smiles at you.

knowing you have the best friends in the entire world.. I know I do. @Gisele Theriault @Rachelle Robicheau

guys who love to cuddle >>>>

Heart-to-Heart talks with your friends…#Little Reasons To Smile… A True Friend is someone who never gets tired of listening to your sincere, open & honest personal thoughts & feelings on life.

His kisses.