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Explore Chennai Indiancolumbus, Cave Shrine, and more!

The Pallava Cave Shrine of Chennai #IndianColumbus

Little known Village temple of Chennai #IndianColumbus

A rare temple for Hayagriva in Chennai #IndianColumbus

7th century Pallava period inscription near Chennai #IndianColumbus

A hilltop temple in Chennai #IndianColumbus

A Chola period ancient temple - also one of those 274 Paadal Petra Sthalam near Chennai #IndianColumbus

This temple is not that old. But, it is one of the oldest temples of Nanganallur, which can be called as temple town/locality of Chennai. #IndianColumbus

7 feet Subramanya in the form of Brahma Shasta - near Chennai #IndianColumbus

Kulotunga Chola period temple in Villivakkam, Chennai. Generally, all Agasteeswara temples have similar legends. But, this temple has a different legend. Gajaprshtha vimana - separate Veerabhadra and Kali shrines - beautiful Koshta idols... #IndianColumbus

An option to look beyond Marina and Eliots in Chennai #IndianColumbus