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These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.

Let us sit in a sacred sisterhood circle of priestesses to honor our ancestors, share our personal experiences and be witnessed in our stories. Feeling free and vulnerable as we shed the masks/veils of the collective ego and dissolve all sisterhood separation through authentic expression!

Parks and Recreation Season Five Episode 8: Pawnee Commons. "We're gonna find out where he lives, we're gonna drive to his house, we're gonna set it on fire and watch it burn." "Leslie, we can't do that." "You're right...we can't..."

“...Granny Weatherwax, who had walked nightly without fear in the bandit-haunted forests of the mountains all her life in the certain knowledge that the darkness held nothing more terrible than she was...” ― Terry Pratchett

Hessonite Garnet, "My journey through life is filled with good health and happiness." Hessonite Garnet is often called the Cinnamon Stone. It enhances creativity, self-expression and allows those who feel inferior to be more confident, especially in social situations. Code HCPIN10 = 10% discount

Anne Shirley. Spunky, outgoing, adventurous, honest, upfront, hardworking, optimistic, etc. She was too prideful but she learned about that over time. But.. She never let other people's opinions define her truly. Put down and scorned for being an orphan, she carried on and never let them stop her. She simply was herself. I like that. :)


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