Guys, Ten is brilliant, and Eleven is awesome. But let's not forget - Nine is the one that we all first fell in love with.

Nine fell in love with Rose fast and fell hard. But I think he knew in the end it would break his hearts.

Ten + Nine Commission by le-shae on deviantART

"He may be the ninth, but he was my first. "

The 9th Doctor

You never forget your first Doctor, and I love Eccleston!

Doctor Who. 9th Doctor and Rose

Rose and Nine were so sweet. The first time I watched that show could never be relived in such a way

"That's who I am." #DoctorWho

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Doctor Who....

I really loved the Christopher Eccleston Doctor. I hope I'm not alone. < I feel the same way. Not that I don't like Ten or Eleven but Nine will always be my Doctor.

Ten is and always will be my favorite doctor but seriously, Nine was such a great doctor! Definitely a close second of the new regenerations.

Fantastic: Love the 9th Doctor

9th Doctor in The Empty Child. Nancy was so strong, to be able to deal with the Blitz and the orphans and Jamie becoming empty and infectious and still keep a sense of humor

I strongly believe that David Tennant & Simon Pegg need to do a movie together. I need this in my life.

My first Dr. You never forget. <3

Doctor Who

Ninth Doctor

Thank you, Doctor.

Lol! Still one of my favorite episodes...