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    Guys, Ten is brilliant, and Eleven is awesome. But let's not forget - Nine is the one that we all first fell in love with.

    Doctor Who. 9th Doctor and Rose

    Nine fell in love with Rose fast and fell hard. But I think he knew in the end it would break his hearts.

    The 9th Doctor

    The Doctor

    Though I will admit I only wanted to start watching Doctor Who for 10, I started with 9 and fell utterly in love with him. He'll always be my doctor ♥

    My Doctors.

    Ten is and always will be my favorite doctor but seriously, Nine was such a great doctor! Definitely a close second of the new regenerations.

    9th Doctor in The Empty Child. Nancy was so strong, to be able to deal with the Blitz and the orphans and Jamie becoming empty and infectious and still keep a sense of humor

    Vintage Doctor Who Necklace; I remember my friend once bought me this... then the TARDIS fell off while I was wearing it outside and I never found it. o(╥﹏╥)o

    Christopher Eccleston by iamsamm1222.devia... on @deviantART

    "He may be the ninth, but he was my first. "

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    The 9th Doctor

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    the ninth doctor and rose tyler season 1

    the many faces of the Doctor

    Love the Ninth Doctor

    Ten + Nine Commission by le-shae on deviantART

    Vintage Doctor Who Necklace Got one for my birthday this year :) Absolutely love it!

    DON'T ANY OF YOU FORGET THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN. He's the one most Whovians (including myself) started and fell in love with. He is honest. He is reliable. He is dark but willing to risk it all for the one he loves. He fell in love with Rose. His hearts had been broken when all inhabitants on his whole PLANET were killed. And he learned to love again.<<< Amen! << Double Amen!