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Moths are unable to fly during an earthquake.

Funny, Interesting, True, Weird facts about everything and anything. So true facts, now you know.

Why your smile matters so much...  dental health..  www.DrDOrtho.com

Arlington Heights IL dentist offers a full range of dental services to help you and your family achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Posting photos of patients on Facebook

DENTAL MARKETING, secret that will change the way you think about posting patient photos to social media!

Just in case you ever think about skipping brushing or flossing, just remember that there are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people on Earth. Yikes! #ToothTruths

Orthodontic Facts "There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people on earth!" SmileWorks Orthodontics 8754 Research Blvd Suite A Austin, TX 78757 Tel: 512 582 2060

Happy “Tooth-Day”! Farah Flossit here, wishing everyone well on this blessed day!:) Today I want to share a collection of fun facts & did you knows.  I’m also going to BUST some myths & give you the real facts.   DID YOU KNOW? *Dental Floss was first made in 1882 from silk. *32% of Americans …

Dentaltown - Your jaw muscles are tough. Jaw muscles are so strong that they provide about 200 pounds of force when bringing your back teeth together to chew!

Dentaltown - The scary tooth about tooth decay. This is a very spooky Halloween story.

Tooth decay IS a disease. The Scary Tooth About Tooth Decay Dentaltown - Patient Education Ideas

Who knew our teeth were so protected?! #FunFacts #Austin #Dentist

Orthodontic Facts "The outer layer of the teeth is the hardest substance in the human body." Nalchajian Orthodontics - 7501 N Fresno St, Suite Fresno, CA 93720 Phone: 432 7100

Dentists  ...  X-rays = Tooth-pics

Welcome to South Bay Pediatric Dentistry. Located in Torrance, California, we are a pediatric dental practice offering sealants, fluoride treatments and sedation dentistry.