Graveyard Photography Dark Art Cemetery Statue by Daggerdollco, $30.00

Graveyard Photography Dark Art Cemetery Statue by Daggerdollco, $30.00

Cemetery statue

cemetery statue

Cemetery beauty

statue in cemetery

Someone To Watch Over Me, fine art photography, still life historic cemetery statue

Cemetery Statue #1 taken in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY

Green Woman Bronze Statue Cemetery.

Cemetery Statue by Padeia, via Flickr

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I have always loved old cemeteries. The art found on headstones and the statues can be amazing. Zentralfriedhof statue

Interesting note about Green Mount Cemetery of Montpelier, Vermont. There is a legend about the bronze statue of a figure, draped in cloth, lounging back on the large It is known as the Black Agnes and is said to be cursed. It is said if you sit in the lap of The Black Agnes, you will die. A few years back, a young man sat on the lap of Black Agnes, and a few days later he drowned in the Winooski River. I do not know if the curse is true. The statue is also said to be of the Virgin Mary, b...

Cimatario Sculpture

Cemetery in Frankfurt, Germany


....let me sit and wait here with you awhile.

Beautiful sculpture