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Eating on your days off, the Mediterranean Diet. Amelie stays thin AND works at a bistro

These are hard times for dreamers. “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. In the past, whenever I had fallen short in almost any undertaking, it was seldom because I had tried and failed. It was because I had let fear of failure stop me from trying at all.” -Arthur Gordon

Сохраните их — иногда вовремя услышанное слово или почерпнутая из фильма мысль может изменить жизнь.

Weight Loss Vegetable Soup

This Weight Loss Vegetable Soup Recipe is one of our favorites! Completely loaded with veggies and flavor and naturally low in fat and calories it's the perfect lunch, snack or starter! 0 Weight Watchers points and 21 day fix approved.

Music is very influential on the brain. Be careful with what type of music you listen to it.

“-¿Ella está enamorada de él? - Sí. - Entonces ha llegado el momento de arriesgarse, de que ella se arriesgue de verdad. - Eso es lo que piensa, está estudiando una estratagema para ... - Ya entiendo, le gustan las estratagemas . - Sí. - En realidad ella es una cobarde, precisamente por eso me cuesta captar su mirada.”