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  • Joan Herrmann

    haha #animals #dogs #cute #funny #drivedana #statenisland #newyork #nyc

  • Marilyn Hemingway

    Helping with the plumbing...that's why we love pets! We called our dog, Missy the supervisor growing up. She was always "watching" us while we cleaned and repaired.

  • Laura Allard

    make me laugh - reminds me of my dog helping my dad on the cars

  • Leslie

    dogs helping, best friends, until your trying to get something done and actually need the light

  • Sleepy Hollow Pet Ranch

    this is definately my dogs! they are always willing to "help" me in the kitchen when i'm cooking! Leave a comment telling us about a funny story of your helpers 'helping' with chores around the house!

  • Heather Goroski

    helper doggies! Just like my dog helps me to workout :)

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