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In 1997, Tony Blair won the biggest Labour victory in history to sweep the party to power and end eighteen years of Conservative government. He has been one of the most dynamic leaders of modern times. This title reveals this unique political and personal journey, providing an insight into the man, the politician and the statesman.

Gregory Rasputin features in Russian history as a malign and destructive force, a man with an unhealthy influence on the Empress Alexandra and undue power in Russian politics. An uneducated peasant, he left Siberia to become a wandering 'holy man' & soon acquired a reputation as a healer. After being presented in court in 1905, he soon became seen as a political threat & was assassinated in 1916.

The news-breaking book that has sent schockwaves through the White House, Ghost Wars is the most accurate and revealing account yet of the CIA's secret involvement in al-Qaeada's evolution.

The idea of finding a a third waya in politics has become a focus of discussion across the world. Political leaders, in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America claim to be following its principles. Yet the notion has also attracted much criticism. Some say it is an empty concept without any real content.

A former KGB spy, Vladimir Putin was named President of Russia in 2000. From the moment he entered the public arena he marketed himself as an open, enlightened leader eager to engage with the West. This book tells the story of Putin's iron grip on Russian life from the individual citizens whose situations have been shaped by his brand of tyranny.

Weak or failed states - where no government is in control - are the source of many of the world's most serious problems, from poverty, AIDS and drugs to terrorism. This book explains the concept of state-building and discusses the problems and causes of state weakness and its national and international effects.

Lou Reed, rock 'n' roll pioneer, dead at 71

Rock legend Lou Reed dies at 71. Music fans in mourning after The Velvet Underground founder and American icon passed away 27th October 2013