LOVE this book shelf!

Bookshelf Porn

Tree Bookcase. Awesome!

Bookshelf Porn

Tree Bookcase by Roberto Corazza

Bookshelf Porn

circle bookshelves Neat, but where they hell would you put it? UNLESS you could put it on a wall and make it into a reading nook. Ya, that would be cool

Bookshelf Porn

Love this bookshelf!

Alphabet book case

Bookshelf ~ this is the kind of bookshelf i want in my house

Cottage style book shelves

May not put a lot of books but it's so kewl!

Books books books!

under the stairs.....store the knowledge

Bookshelf stairs

Best. Bookshelf. Ever.

love the idea of a book case as a sculptural element

Frame a "hanging" book case/display.

Bookshelf and chair