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Yusupov Palace on the Moika by Dmitry Tarakanov

Door Windows
Doors Windows
Doors Windows Hardware
Architecture Doors Windows
The Doors
Paris Windows
Open Windows
Open Doors
Maggiore Italy
Lake More


Francisco Victorian
Victorian Houses
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Victorian Charm

~French apartment~

from From up North

Architectural Inspiration

Black Exterior
Black Facade
Exterior Exterior
Exterior Decor
Exterior Facades
Design Exterior
Modern Exterior
Facades Black
Grey Exterior Paints

echos surrounding architecture, without distracting or overwhelming. black house london

Taste Orientalist
Orientalist Interiors
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Pale Colors
Faded Color
Insects Animals
Birds Insects
Emmanuelle Gaillard
Jean Pillement

I need a room like this in my house.

Staircase Le
Winding Staircase
Spiral Staircases
Architecture Staircase
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Escadaria, Le Louvre, Paris

Reale Torino
Torino Italy
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Beautiful Buildings

magnificent details

Lviv Ukraine
Ukraine 1887
Ukraine Photo
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Amazing Architecture - Grand Staircase in House of Scientists, Lviv (Lemberg), Ukraine <= before 1945 = Lwów, POLAND => see history, actual till today ! &

Window Latch
Window Frame
Window Lock
Ornate Window
Window Casing
Antique Windows
Ornate Mouldings
Window Handle
Window Panes

Details of a window paneling from Marie Antoinette’s apartment in Fontainebleau Chateau