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I bet the series (trilog-- hexalog-- will it be an ennealogy?) ends with 'Kylo Ren' being the Christ-figure like Thomas 'Neo' Anderson ...

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Darth Vader on

Star Wars - Episode VII: The Force Awakens

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vintage Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back comic book, marvel special edition, 1980, LARGE

vintage star wars comic book - Google Search

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What Type Of Jedi Are You?

I got Jedi Diplomat! Jedi Diplomats typically belong to the Jedi Consular, and are generally more level-headed, and only rely on physical confrontation as a last resort. Diplomats are usually morally good, and prefer to use light-sided Force powers connected to mental abilities, such as the Jedi mind trick. They typically wield green or blue lightsabers. What Type Of Jedi Are You?

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