John Duncan. St Bride - best thing in the National Gallery of Scotland and used to have a print hanging above my midden (bed). Story is that Bride/Bridget was taken by the angels to the nativity to serve as a handmaiden to Mary. There is a better legend which says that when Jesus was born it was actually twins. The first child was a girl and she was spirited away by the angels to begin the Celtic Church, where women were respected unlike in the patriarchal Church of Rome.

Our Holy Mother…the last painting her eyes cast down, this one She is looking at us.

Mexican Folk Art Angel

Nativity. I would love to see more religious art move in this direction.


Religious Catholic Art Madonna Child Franz Ittenbach Christmas Cards

Lorenzo Lotto, “Adorazione dei pastori”, Brescia, Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo.


Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Art Print by by ThreeArchangels


Christ Teaching at the Temple by Carl Heinrich Bloch

the Angel of the Birds by Franz Dvorak

Our Lady Icon by Celiwin (Icon by Lauren "Celiwin" - "I do a Christmas card every year for my family and this year I decided to do my interpretation of Our Lady of Czestochowa, a Polish Icon.") _ Thx George Card

The Guardian Angel, Zilda, Naples

Salvador Dalí - Christ of Saint John of the Cross - 1951

by Masaaki Sasamoto ~ from the 2008 gallery...angel wings

ecstasy? by Manuel Nunez ""My images are of strong women. Beautiful, but not exploited. Women who are sensual and virtuous; wrestling with the underlying conflict of what life is versus what it should be." but unlike many alluring femininity depictions of others, he emphasizes female virtue; here "Draweth Nigh"

vintage angel

Yes, there are Angels Among Us...

Guardian Angel Holy Card