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474 Things To Do When You're Bored...this oughta help me til I get a job haha

474 Things To Do When You're Bored.this oughta help me til I get a job haha "get your dog braces" Need to try that😂

If you're not as productive as you could be. Here are 107 things you can do. These things will help you save more money, make more money, and be a boss at life!

107 Productive Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

100 Crazy Things To Do With Your Best Friend!

100 Crazy Things To Do With Your Best Friend! 👭👯💕

We should try the blind makeovers and then also do a blind outfit pic. We could go through our closets and blindly pic out an outfit then have a unfashionable fashion show lol

post with several challenges to do in 2017, including two movie challenges, and two reading challenges | imgur

Now that 2016 is ending... 2017 "challenges" I might try to accomplish

Movie Challenge This is a challenge for people who love movies, but do not have the time to watch them. The goal is for everyone to watch a movie on a theme every week and discuss the films. By the end of the challenge we will have watched 52 films.

im bored summer activities | via endlesscrafting.blogspot.com

Never bored but some fun ideas! Endless Crafting: New Summer To Do List

Summer bucket list

Summer bucket list

"Things to Do When Bored Poster."  magnoliamoonlight.com, $35.  Fun!

read three of those and was like fuck that i'll die of boredness.

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Don't know when i'm going to do this but not today. i'll repost when i'mgoing to do it

found as art journal idea but could also be used for the photo challenges too. cute idea kids would like Art Journal Ideas