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Thank you husband! I love you and appreciate all you do for me and our family more then you'd ever know!

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My husband's shoulder... he has said the same about mine. I used to get irritated that he'd fall alseep the second his head snuggled into my neck. Trying to watch a movie together was futile! But then he told me he falls asleep there because it's "his safe spot" hos calm in the storm. I feel the same way about him. So now I just enjoy watching him sleep peacefully :)

10 Ways a Wife Can Influence the Heart of Her Husband

I was in a room filled with women as we sat chatting about the Bible and that’s when it happened… A woman from across the room responded to my comment when she said, “Your husband actually listens to you?” Mine doesn’t listen to me! I’ll tell him he should do certain things, but he doesn’t … … Continue reading →